Review: Howard the Duck

On this episode the guys review/destroy the 1986 Action/Adventure Howard the Duck. This was Joe’s “Pick of the Week” and based on Dave’s observation this might be Joe’s last.


Based on the comic book character, Howard the Duck is suddenly beamed from Duckworld, a planet of intelligent ducks with arms and legs, to Earth, where he lands in Cleveland. There he saves rocker Beverly (Lea Thompson) from thugs and forms a friendship with her. She introduces him to Phil (Tim Robbins), who works at a lab with scientist Dr. Jenning (Jeffrey Jones). When the doctor attempts to return Howard to his world, Jenning instead transfers an evil spirit into his own body.

The movie was released in theaters on August 1, 1986.

The movie is rated PG for Foul language, violence, drug use, sexual content

Now onto the review of Howard the Duck.

IMDB Rating: 4.7 / 10 Stars

Rotten Tomatoes: 13% Tomatometer, 38% Audience Score

Justin’s Rating: Burnt Popcorn


Joe’s Rating: Small Popcorn

Needless to say Joe favors the few fans who enjoy this movie while Justin and Dave agree with the masses that Howard the Duck belongs in the bargain bin.


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